White Knight Challenge #2 Afro mode

After the great success of the first White Knight challenge we’re continuing the momentum and doing another exactly 1 month later. On March 2nd we will be doing the Afro mode challenge, again in Dark Souls and using Twitch.tv as the hosting medium.

Remember how fun the grass system was in Demon’s souls and how dying felt horrible because you just wasted all your healing items? Well now its time to apply it to Dark Souls! The second White Knight Challenge is upon us and this time we’re going in flaskless.

Rule #1 : No Estus flask.

You can either glitch to avoid it  or  just unequip it. Use Humanity to heal instead.

Rule #2 : You must be human.

We want to include viewers and being invaded is part of that. If you’re having a bad time with abusive invaders you can of course go hollow to skip that area. When you can no longer go human its restart time. Remember you can always send your invaders a message and ask for a donation!

Rule #3 : No Black knight weapons.

We’re White knights, why would we want black ones?

Rule #4 : Healing miracles are not for everyone

This is a flexible rule, you know if you’re good enough to need healing miracles to get by or not. If you are, prove it and don’t use them. If you’re not, you can have 1 healing miracle of any kind. That is 1 healing spell in 1 attunement slot, no stacking them to get more charges.

You need 12 Faith to use Heal. That is at most 4 points from any starting class, so don’t let it restrict your builds.Magic is allowed this time as well.

Rule #5 : 10 dollar rule

A donation of 10 dollars is enough to set a challenge for a streamer. If that challenge is singing show tunes as you moonwalk your way through Sen’s fortress or using a set weapon. Do your best to meet it. If you can’t, then do so next run. For example if you’re pure DEX and have 8 STR, someone asking you to use a weapon needing 40 STR just isn’t possible, but next run build a STR character.

Rule #6 : Summoning viewers is allowed!

If someone in chat puts down a summon sign and tells you who they are in chat you can summon them to help you. I would ask they stick to the rules as closely as they can and not bring a Stone dad with +5 lightning spear and Grass Crest Shield. Support summons are cool, having someone else finish the game for the streamer is boring. Try not to summon the same person too much. If you have summoned someone a couple of times and they want to be summoned again and you can see their soul sign they can use rule #5 to get summoned in that area again until you beat the boss.

Remember Dark Souls is really crappy at matching people up, if you want to be summoned make sure the summoner can find your soul sign first. We can’t promise if you donate you will get summoned we will try our best to make it work. I don’t want any one feeling ripped off by this, so I’m putting the warning here.

Rule #7 : All areas must be beaten

No skipping them via glitches or shortcuts.

Extreme challenge.

If you’re a top tier Dark Souls player you can probably do the above challenge a couple of times in 1 day, so here is a special challenge if you think you’re good enough.

Replace Rule #1 with the following : No weapons or armour.

No weapons, no talismans, no pyromancy, no miracles. Your equip slots must be completely empty. Use items to deal damage. You are allowed to heal on this challenge and the $10 rule still apply, so if you get stuck you need to beg for donations to get you out of it.

Rule #6 is reversed. You’re not allowed to summon unless donator requests it.

Desperation rule 

If you have tried everything to beat a boss and you are on 1 humanity left. for your last life you can use a broken sword, but only for the boss and only when you have used up every usable item that can hurt the boss


How do I take part?

If you want to take part just add “[WKC] Charity” to the start of your stream title and send an e-mail to DSWhiteknightchallenge@Gmail.com so we can add you to the website. Everyone is welcome to take part, just remember to include a link to the website and the donation link.

Website : http://Whiteknightchallenge.org

Donation website : https://www.justgiving.com/WKC2Afro




If I have humanity on my corpse can I go get it hollow?

Yes, you can go collect humanity off your corpse, but you must unhollow on the bonfire you respawned at.


On the Extreme challenge can people drop me items?

If you get to a hard lock where it is completely impossible to proceed then you can ask a viewer to drop you some souls, items or whatever. Use it as a last resort not an easy mode.

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3 Responses to White Knight Challenge #2 Afro mode

  1. Garelia says:

    I’m working on a confirmation camp from 22nd February to 2nd March, I’m gonna get back home on the streaming day, so I suppose I’ll make it just in time.

    I’ll try to find a method to make my sounds work, meanwhile…

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